Rezone Playful Interventions: playing for vacancy

The Mobile City partnered in the project “Rezone Playful Interventions” about the use of playful design strategies to repurpose vacant spaces. In this project three teams composed of an architect and a game studio collaborated and created a temporary playful urban intervention for a near-vacant factory at the edge of the city center of Den Bosch. The three teams were: Maurer United x Marieke VerbiesenDUS Architects x MonobandaZUS Architects x Fourcelabs. The DUS Architects x Monobanda intervention has also been part of our project “Made By Us“. These interventions were be played during a public festival in Fall 2013, and aimed to engage visitors and stakeholders with the particular location, the general issue of abandoned postindustrial heritage, and strengthen their sense of ‘ownership’.

The final publication is in Dutch.

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