Media Architectuur Biennale 23-27 Nov. 2020

The Mobile City participates in organizing the next Media Architectuur Biennale  (23-27 Nov. 2020 in Amsterdam/Utrecht). The Media Architecture Biennale is the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, digital placemaking, urban media art and urban informatics.

The theme of MAB20 is #FuturesImplied. It is a call for a more societally responsible role in this interdisciplinary emerging field.

As we design and adapt new technologies, in turn these technologies shape our cities. What future scenarios are implied in today’s urban technologies? And how can we shape our technologies to respond to their surroundings, contributing to cities that are both socially and ecologically sustainable?

The Media Architectuur Biennale  will features a variety of programs, including exiting keynotes, paper sessions, workshops, symposia, field tours, a doctoral consortium, an an expo, and an award ceremony.


MAB20 is organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Urban Interfaces Group at Utrecht University, in collaboration with the International Media Architecture Institute and the Marineterrein Amsterdam.
If you are interested in joining this coalition and contribute to MAB20, please contact the team at


More information on the MAB20 website >>