Programme Opening Weekend | Made By Us

Made by Us

The New Institute, the Netherlands’ new national institute for the creative industry, invited The Mobile City to help it develop an ongoing dialogue around the concept of smart cities between Chinese and Dutch architects, media makers and designers.

Sunday 8 December 3.30-4.30pm: Forum Discussion Made by Us
Location: Auditorium

What is the potential of new media technologies for revitalizing vacant factories? How can they help to create new value? And how can these media technologies play a role in defining new ‘makership’ in a repurposed factory-space?

With WU Wenyi (Urbanus), Mark van der Net, Niki Smit, Sander Veenhof, Michiel de Lange, Martijn de Waal, Floor van Spaendonck.8 December 4.30–5.30pm

Sunday 8 December 4.30-5.30pm: Festive opening of the exhibition Made by Us
Location: Main Exhibition Hall, Venue of Het Nieuwe Instituut

In the presence of Guus Beumer, director of Het Nieuwe Instituut and Ole Bouman, curator of the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

7 and 8 December: interactive performances:

Saturday and Sunday 10am -11am
Visualize the City with Cloud Factory!
Mark van der Net
Location: Inside the Silo, 2nd Floor.

With Cloud Factory, architect and open data expert Mark van der Net demonstrates the power of data scraping and visualizing in bringing out communal issues as well as opportunities for redevelopment.

Saturday and Sunday 2pm-3pm
Play the City with 3RD!
Location: Main Exhibition Hall, ground floor.

The playful installation 3RD is an open platform that invites users to experience a space in new ways. Niki Smit of (Urban) Game design studio Monobanda shows how playful interventions can help to bring about a sense of place, as well as create a safe site for experimentation.

Saturday 4pm-5pm, Sunday 12pm-1pm
Program your City with the Portable Festival App
Sander Veenhof
Location: In between Silo and Main Exhibition Hall.

The Portable Festival App helps people to design and experience their own festival with the help of augmented reality. As such it connects people in new ways around a common place and theme..Augmented Reality artist Sander Veenhof demonstrates how technology can add layers of meaning as well as engage citizens in their production.

Location: all activities take place at Venue A (the Value Factory, aka the Former Guangdong Float Glass Factory in Shenzhen.