Curatorial Statement | Made By Us

Made by Us

The New Institute, the Netherlands’ new national institute for the creative industry, invited The Mobile City to help it develop an ongoing dialogue around the concept of smart cities between Chinese and Dutch architects, media makers and designers.

Made by Us: City-Making with Digital Technologies

Made by Us explores the role digital technologies can play in ‘city-making’ – the complex process by which institutions, architects, designers and citizens bring their cities into being. In the context of the Guangdong Float Glass Factory, three Dutch designers have created media installations that invite people to probe possible futures for the site and experience the space in new ways.

These installations inquire into ways digital technologies can contribute to the reactivation of industrial heritage sites. What kinds of economic, social and cultural value can technologies such as data visualisation, urban gaming and augmented reality add to this process?

The works presented at the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architectureare are not merely artistic artefacts serving to reflect on these questions. All three have been conceived as open platforms that invite visitors  to actively participate in remaking this former factory site – part of a city “Made by Us”.