Invitation to mini-symposium “Made By Us: Using Smart Technologies to Repurpose Industrial Heritage” 27 Sept. 2013

The Mobile City and The New Institute in collaboration with CMoDA are very happy to invite you to the mini-symposium “Made By Us: Using Smart Technologies to Repurpose Industrial Heritage”, which is part of the full-day event “The Dao of Being Smart“, organized by CMoDA Beijing. Below is the flyer and invitation for the full event.

Time: 10:00-18:00, Sept 27th, 2013

Venue: Kino 3, China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts ( CMoDA )

Language: Chinese and English Simultaneous Interpretation

Entry: By Invitation (send mail to

Overview: The symposium focus on “The Dao of Being Smart – pilot test learning and prototyping for Smart City”. The international and local speakers are from think tank, policy makers, research institutes, university labs and innovative corporations.

This mini-symposium is the kickoff of our project Made By Us, which further consists of a two-day workshop in Beijing, a program in the Netherlands, and a public presentation in Shenzhen at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 2013.


Our program looks like this:



荷兰分论坛 题目:我们制造:运用聪慧的技术让旧工业园区重现活力
Sub-symposium Title:  Made By Us: Using Smart Technologies to Repurpose Industrial Heritage
15:30 杨磊                        Floor van Spaendonck 开场致辞 杨磊,中华世纪坛数字艺术馆策展团队。                                                                                                  The New Institute平台负责人
YANG Lei                Floor van Spaendonck Welcome Speech Yang Lei, CMoDA curation team.                                                                                                        Floor van Spaendonck, Head of platform at The New Institute
15:45 Michiel de Lange 乌得勒支大学媒体与文化研究系新媒体研究兼职讲师,新媒体与城市研究平台—— Mobile City联合创始人之一,Mediafonds电子文化顾问,(移动)媒体,城市文化、城市活动和城市身份自由研究员。
Michiel de Lange Part-time Lecturer in New Media Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University; Co-founder of The Mobile City; Advisor e-culture at Mediafonds; and works as a freelance researcher in the field of (mobile) media, urban culture, play and identity.
16:00 Sander Veenhof 艺术家
Sander Veenhof Artist
16:15 Niki Smit 游戏、交互装置设计师
Niki Smit Designer of games and interactive installations
16:30 Mark van der Net The Cloud Collective联合创始人,建筑师、程序员
Mark van der Net Co-founder of The Cloud Collective; Architect, Programmer
16:45 吴文一 URBANUS都市实践(北京)总经理
WU Wenyi General Manger of Urbanus
17:00 付志勇                  Mustafa Kirwan 付志勇,博士,副教授,清华大学美术学院信息艺术设计系副主任,清华美院服务设计研究所所长               Mustafa Kirwan, 中国华彬集团品牌总监
FU Zhiyong                Mustafa Kirwan FU Zhiyong, Ph.D., Associate professor and deputy director of Department of Information Art & Design, Academy of Art & Design and Head of Design Beijing Lab, Tsinghua University;                                                                                                                                    Mustafa Kirwan, Director of Branding, Reignwood Group Beijing, China
17:15 pannel discussion
结束 / The End

Invitation Smart City symposium 27 Sept. 2013 at CMoDA Beijing

The program Made By Us is partly funded by the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund.



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