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Txt and the city

This is a commissioned article I wrote a few months ago for Canvas8 about the role of technologies in urban culture and its implications for brands. It is republished here with kind permission.  …

Workshop impressions (pics)

Here are some visual impressions of the three-day workshop Social Cities of Tomorrow:   

Workshop outcomes

These are the results of the three-day “Social Cities of Tomorrow” workshop (14 − 16 Feb. 2012). Most teams made two presentations: a longer one for the public presentation at Mediamatic  on 16 February…

Workshop presentation Social Cities of Tomorrow – Templot

A presentation of the result of two days of workshops that is part of the Social Cities of Tomorrow conference. Providing urban pioneers with plots of unused land plus a Templot app to…

Natalie Jeremijenko talks at Social Cities of Tomorrow

Natalie Jeremijenko talks about one of her many projects: bicycles digitally displaying geotagged information such as bicycle traffic fatalities as you are cycling through the city.  

Live-blog of the conference at the MC Theater

Michiel de Lange from The Mobile City introduces the subject of today: how can we make our cities more social instead of just more hi-tech. Martijn de Waal explains that although we will be…

Katherine Watson of the European Cultural Foundation on Social Cities of Tomorrow

One of the visitors of the Social Cities of Tomorrow Conference shares her impressions of the first half of the programme.

Natalie Jeremijenko reflects on the Social Cities of yesterday, today and tomorrow

A short interview with Natalie Jeremijenko sharing her views of what constitutes a social city of tomorrow. Embracing complexity is key.

Usman Haque

Usman Haque talks about the possibilities for creative solutions with data collected by the public in the city.

Workshop Presentation (Thu Feb 16 20:00) Sold out

We are having a full house Thursday night at Mediamatic for the presentation of our workshop results. Unfortunately, no more tickets are available.  

Background Reading: Ownership in the Hybrid City

Digital media technologies are becoming increasingly influential in daily urban life. How can we implement these technologies in such a way that they make and maintain the city as a liveable and vibrant environment?…

Ticket update (12/02/13) Conference Sold Out, tickets for pre-conference events still available

The international conference Social Cities of Tomorrow is sold out. You can use the form  on our tickets-page  to add yourself to the waiting list. We will contact you if  ticket becomes available. There are…

Ownership in the hybrid city: themes and examples (part 2)

A while ago our study ‘Ownership in the Hybrid City’ was published. The study, written in collaboration with Virtueel Platform, informs the upcoming event Social Cities of Tomorrow (14 − 17 Feb 2012)….

Our shortlist: more ‘Social Cities’-Showcases

At Social Cities of Tomorrow, we will feature 12 showcases. All of them make use of urban media in an innovative way and their initiators will share their ambitions as well as their ‘lessons…

Background-Interview with keynote speaker Dan Hill

Our great Social Cities-intern Margot van der Kroon conducted this highly recommended interview with keynote speaker Dan Hill. 1. What are your main tasks as Strategic Design Lead at Sitra, and what kind…

Ownership in the hybrid city: themes and examples (part 1)

A while ago our study ‘Ownership in the Hybrid City’ was published. The study, written in collaboration with Virtueel Platform, informs the upcoming event Social Cities of Tomorrow (14 − 17 Feb 2012)….

Background reading: ‘applying a web 2.0 approach to urban issues’

Michiel de Lange and Cathy Brickwood are discussing the conference themes in a highly recommended interview at the website of Virtueel Platform. (Unfortunately, it’s only available in Dutch). You can read the interview…

Less than 20 percent of tickets left. Order yours Now!

Just a brief update from the box-office. Two weeks before the conference takes off, more than 80 percent of seats are taken. That means that (as of 4/2/2012) there’s only 40 tickets or…

Workshop section website updated

The workshop section of the event website has been updated with separate pages, including the four cases, the programme, an overview of selected participants, external experts available during the workshop, and practical information. Visit…

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