Programme | Social Cities of Tomorrow

Social Cities of Tomorrow

Our everyday lives are increasingly shaped by digital media technologies, from smart cards and intelligent GPS systems to social media and smartphones. How can we use digital media technologies to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech?

This is the programme for the three days (14 − 16 February 2012). Meant to structure the 3 days, the schedule remains open for on the fly improvisation and improvement.

Day 1: Tuesday 14 February

09:30 Registration participants.
10:00 Welcome by ARCAM; introduction of the goals and approach of the workshop by The Mobile City.
10:30 Short introduction by all workshop participants.
11:00 Coffee break.
11:15 Plenary introduction of the 4 workshop cases by stakeholder organizations.

12:15 Lunch & team discussions.
Group members get to know one another and divide various roles among themselves (can be changed during the 3 workshop days), such as process manager (keeping an eye on time), spokesperson, discussion leader, documentation, visualization of ideas.

13:15 Departure to case locations; on-site introduction to local setting and issues; meeting and/or mapping stakeholders.
The goal of this afternoon is to get a sense of the actual issues at stake from the perspectives of the various (latent) stakeholders. How can we best define the central issue at stake? Who is involved or should be involved? Who is not engaged, and why have they so far not engaged with the common issue? What are the various overlapping and conflicting interests of stakeholders?
18:00 End
19:30 (optional) Dinner at Thai Restaurant Siam

Day 2: Wednesday 15 February

09:30 Coffee
10:00 Talk by Ekim Tan about the Play Noord! project, which uses a game approach in collaborative neighborhood planning.
10:30 Group sessions, analysis, reformulating hypothesis on the basis of fieldwork/research.
11:30 Coffee.
11:45 Group sessions continued: development of future scenario’s.

13:00 Lunch; each group will give a brief presentation about their progress and ideas.

14:00 Designing prototypes; consultation of experts.
Groups develop a design intervention that enforces, subverts, or intervenes in one or more of their scenarios. Two experts are available for consultation. Optionally, groups can make use of Waag Society’s Fablab facilities for prototyping until 17:00. In addition, the Amsterdam Pachube community will be available this afternoon as well for consulting/ideation/design/prototyping help/etc.
15:30 Tea break.
16:00 Continue working on prototypes; consulting experts.
17:30 Pizza party & evening programme starting at 18:00: Premsela Institute presents Trust Design.
19:00 End of the programme.

Day 3: Thursday 16 February

09:30 Coffee.
10:00 Prototype development and try-out; further on-site research and testing if needed (until lunch; teams can split up).
11:00 Coffee.
11:15 Two other experts are available to help fine-tuning prototypes; update and finalisation of prototype.

12:30 Lunch.

13:30 Working on presentations at Mediamatic + the Social Cities conference.
17:30 End.

18:00 Dinner at Mediamatic (workshop participants only).
19:30 Doors open for public. (the event is sold out)
20:00 Introduction, start presentations.
21:00 Break.
21:15 Response by stakeholder organisation + discussion.
22:00 Drinks.


Day 4: Friday 17 February

14:30 Public presentation during the conference, with a focus on method and process.