Feb 17: International Conference ‘Social Cities of Tomorrow’ (9:30-17:30) | Social Cities of Tomorrow

Social Cities of Tomorrow

Our everyday lives are increasingly shaped by digital media technologies, from smart cards and intelligent GPS systems to social media and smartphones. How can we use digital media technologies to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech?

Friday February 17 2012

International Conference Social Cities of Tomorrow
Time: 9:30-17:30
Location:Mc Theater, Polonceaukade 6, Amsterdam


9.15 Doors Open
10.00 Welcome – Floor van Spaendonck (Virtueel Platform)
10.10 Introduction Conference Theme – The Mobile City
10.30 Keynote: Usman Haque
11.15 Showcases:
Apps for Amsterdam – Alper Çugun, Instant Master Planning – Anne- Marie Sanvig Knudsen, NetworkLAB – Lilet Breddels , UrbanISO – Mac Oosthuizen and Joshua Noble (see here for project descriptions)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Keynote: Natalie Jeremijenko
13.45 Showcases:
Amsterdam Wastelands – Jurgen Hoogendoorn, Sacha Stolp, Barbara Ponteyn, Give me back my broken night – Rachel Feuchtwang and Paul Clarke, Homeless SMS – Ohyoon Kwon and Will Brayne, Urban Revitalization of Social Capital – Karli Scott (see here for project descriptions)
14.30 Workshop Outcomes
15.00 Tea-break and Poster presentations
15.45 Showcases: Ambient Learning City – Fred Garnett, Koppelkiek – Kars Alfrink, Screens in the Wild – Ava Fatah, Urbanscale – Mayo Nissen (see here for project descriptions)
16.30 Keynote: Dan Hill
17.15 Wrap-up – The Mobile City
17.30 Drinks