Designing for Ownership – day 4: prototyping 1 | ‘Designing for Ownership’ at Strelka Institute, Moscow

On day four, the teams began working on actual prototypes for an intervention in the microrayon Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo. Two team each are taking up one main problem: lack of communication and lack of participation. In the early afternoon a group of landscape architecture students and a teacher from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, who are on a study trip to Moscow, dropped by for 2 hours to act as a kind of ‘special forces’ team that provided early feedback. Teams briefly introduced their interventions so far. Our Dutch visitors then gave some valuable feedback in the form of questions, suggestions and constructive criticism.


Several participants went to Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo together with Marc to test out their prototypes in the park along the Yauza river, where they want to situate their interventions. One of the signs reads “I could be your grandmother”. The plan of this team includes creating templates for people to make their own playful DIY signage in order to forge relationships between people and the park.