Connectivity @ IABR 2009


At the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) The Mobile City organized a number of events between November 5th and 12th 2009, including a keynote, workshop and exhibition with the American artist, architect and researcher Mark Shepard. The events are part of the ‘Connectivity’ theme of the IABR and are organized in cooperation with the IABR, the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects.

Reports and Accounts

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Overview of Events

All events take place at NAi Rotterdam.

The theme of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam is the Open City, a city that is diverse, lively and socially sustainable, where people can productively relate to each other culturally, socially, as well as economically. More specifically, with the theme Open City: Designing Coexistence, the 4th IABR raises the question of social cohesion in the city from the point of view of its designer: how can architects and urbanists make realistic contributions to the sustainable quality of the urban condition.

With the theme ‘Connectivity’ the IABR examines the role of digital media technologies in urban culture. Can these technologies be applied to contribute to the Open City? Or are they endangering its ideals? How can architects and designers anticipate and take advantage of these new technologies?

In relation to the ‘connectivity’ theme, we have invited Mark Shepard as a special guest. Mark Shepard is an architect, artist and researcher. He directs the Media Architecture Computing program at the Univeristy of Buffalo, and recently curated the exhibit ‘Toward the Sentient City‘ that was organized by the Architectural League of New York . He is also one of the editors of the The Situated Technologies Pamphlet Series.

Earlier this year The Mobile City published an interview with Mark Shepard.