Thomas Engel | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Thomas Engel is director of The Saints Content Creators. The Saints is an Amsterdam based company focussed on developing high quality software that works on a broad range of mobile phones. In the past two years, many products have been made for several big brands in Europe.

Thomas will talk about NavBall, a “Next level mobile GPS game”. Location Based Gaming is one of the new frontiers for the (mobile) games industry. It is mixing the real world with the virtual world and engaging in new experiences in places where before it was just seen as normal landscapes. With the NavBall concept, The Saints wanted to show the world what is already possible on peoples’ own phones and to inspire people to think about and take new steps for these Location Based Games. During the presentation the NavBall concept will be explained, some lessons will be shared and a view of the future for these games is given.