Ronald Lenz | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Location-based Learning
Waag Society – a medialab based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – researches how creative technologies can lead to social innovation in education, culture, healthcare and the public domain. Important expertise include Creative Learning and Locative Media, which in the last few years have resulted in projects posing questions like:

– How can location-based gaming be used to create authentic learning experiences?
– How can urban reality function as a social/economic/geographic/cultural-learning environment?
– How do mobile media, narratives and (collaborative) game-play influence motivation and knowledge transfer in mixed-reality situations?
– How can location-based experiences help to make children into active and aware producers and which tools do they need to express themselves?

This presentation will go into our latest project called Games Atelier, in which we invite students from secondary schools to create and play their own location-aware mobile games. Games Atelier will be launched march 14th by mayor Cohen in Amsterdam.

Ronald Lenz heads the Locative Media research program at Waag Society and also works at 7Scenes, a Waag Society company that develops location-aware software for the cultural, educational and events sector.
Game Atelier - Waag Society