Robin De Witte | The Mobile City Conference 2008

i-City in Hasselt, Belgium, is a not-for-profit organization. Several parties participate in i-city, amongst others Microsoft, HP, Siemens, The Flemish Government, Concentra (media company) and Telenet (telcom operator). The aims of i-City are to create a wireless infrastructure in the cities of Hasselt and Leuven (Belgium), to build a Customer Services Platform (CSP) that enables use by portable devices, to set up a playing ground – or Living Lab – that enables other businesses to test out mobile applications, and to stimulate the development of commercial spinoffs.

City Live is the first spin off of i-City. It is the owner of the CSP platform. It’s goal is the world wide deployment of CSP.

In his presentation, Robin De Witte of City Live will explain how the i-City goals have been realized, what kind of applications are successful in Hasselt, and how City Live is making progress.