Martin Rieser | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Martin Rieser is Joint Research Professor in the Institute of Creative Technologies in De Montfort University, Leicester UK.

Martin Rieser is a media artist and theorist working in a range of media from the Internet to Locative Media and Interactive Installation. His work is trans-disciplinary and is particularly concerned with the combination of interactive poetry, sound, narrative and performance in still and moving image. He has exhibited internationally in Europe, Australia, America and Japan.

His books include New Screen Media ( BFI/ZKM 2002) and The Mobile Audience (Rodopi 2008). His current research includes an Arts and Humanities Research Board funded project Hosts shown in Bath Abbey in 2006 and Roamedia, 2007 part of a Fellowship at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

At The Mobile City conference, Martin Rieser will talk about one of his recent projects: Starshed, a project about mapping stories onto the city of Bristol, UK.

Starshed is a unique project, commissioned by Electric Pavilion, Creative Bristol’s web-art initiative. The Starshed concept reflects the influence of Watershed as the hosting venue, and represents an Everyman’s version of a pavilion-the shed.

In a nutshell, Starshed allowes anyone with a WAP-enabled phone or a PC to upload located personal tales of the uncanny onto a star map where the constellations have been transformed into Bristol locations.

Everyone has a need to stamp his or her own individuality on to the city.
New media offers everyone the opportunity to share the city as a series
of intimate places.

Starshed represents the extraordinary shining through the everyday, by means of a website constructed by Bristol-based media artists group, Ship of Fools.