Dick de Ruijter | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Dick de Ruijter will talk about the “Afrikaander Tapes”, a narrative GPS audio tour through the “Afrikaanderbuurt” (neighborhood) in Rotterdam. Using a PDA with GPS and a headphone, the ‘tourist’ wanders aournd in the neigborhood and can immerse him/herself in a forest of sound clips and images to explore the caleidoscopic history of the Afrikaanderbuurt.

The project is started by researchers Steven van Schuppen and Dick de Ruijter, and developed by the Hootchie Cootchie Mediacollectief. This collective was one of the first to launch an interactive GPS route with the project Codex Kodanski.

The narrative is written by Hans Sahar. Somewhere in the near future, the “Afrikaander Tapes” will have succession with the “Transvaal Tapes” in The Hague.

More info on www.mijnstories.nl.

Afrikaander Tapes