Malcolm McCullough | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Malcolm McCullough – Associate Professor University of Michigan

For twenty years as an educator, author, and design advocate, Malcolm McCullough has consistently brought a human-centered approach to emerging practices in digital design. Beginning from computer aided design in architecture, in which he was a pioneer in the 1980s, McCullough eventually reached artists, urbanists, environmental psychologists, digital fabricators, and usability professionals. His 1996 book Abstracting Craft found an interdisciplinary audience for the creative work practices behind the digital economy. His 2004 book, Digital Ground–Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing, offered a theory of place for interaction design. McCullough has given over thirty invited lectures and keynotes in over a dozen countries. Prior to joining the architecture faculty at the University of Michigan. He served at Carnegie Mellon; and for ten years at Harvard. He experienced silicon valley briefly as a product manager at early Autodesk and later as a visitor-in-residence at Xerox PARC, all back in the 20th century. Currently he is writing a book on environmental histories of locative media.