Feb 27th: Workshop 1 | The Mobile City Conference 2008

Workshop 1: New Media and Urban Culture

With Stephen Graham and Christian Nold
moderator: Martijn de Waal

Download the full Program for Workshop 1


Netherlands Architecture Institute
Bakema Serre (Downstairs, adjacent to the Foyer-Café)

Museumpark 25

Coffee and Registration: 11:30
Workshops: 12:00 -14:30

Conference Dinner (optional, Euro 35): 19:00
The Bagel Bakery
Schilderstraat 57 A
RSVP via info@themobilecity.nl

Workshop theme and set-up

The goal of this workshop is to assess the interplay between urban culture and locative and mobile media from different academic and professional disciplines. What are the main challenges and opportunities? And how do different disciplines address these?

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part will focus on challenges, the second part on opportunities. Each part will start with a general discussion of the theme, brought up by special guests Stephen Graham and Christian Nold. After that, some of the workshop participants will be given the opportunity to present a crucial issue related to the theme from their own work. Other participants are asked to comment on these issues.

Software Sorted Cities
In the first part of the workshop we will look at challenges that new media technologies may pose to Urban Culture. What role does ‘software sorting’ play in Urban Culture? How are locative and mobile technologies used in the process of urban securization? Can we speak of a new digital divide arising from the use or non-use of locative media, that is linked to an urban divide? Introduction: Stephen Graham

Locative media and the making of public space
In the second part of the workshop we will discuss how several mobile and locative media practices and technologies enable new or different ways of ‘space making’. Under what circumstances can they be used to create (a new type of?) public space? What could be the role of art in this process? And how can urban professional make use of new ways of collecting data (like gps-tracking) in their design of public spaces? Introduction: Christian Nold


Below you will find some suggestions for literature and art-projects that may be helpful to frame the discussions in the workshops. These titles are recommended by workshop speakers Stephen Graham and Christian Nold.

Graham, Stephen Software Sorted Geographies

Graham, Stephen & Crang Mike SENTIENT CITIES Ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space

Graham, Stephen Cities and the ‘War on Terror’

Environmental Art

Peak Oil

Beyond Locative Media

Locative Dystopia

Mobile Education

Suicide Walks

Century of the Self – Classic if you have not seen it

Workshop Participants

Stephen Graham
Christian Nold
Daniel Aschwanden
Jonneke Bekkenkamp
René Boomkens
Dimitris Charitos
Christoph Emenlauer
Twan Eikelenboom
Lucas Evers
Ana María Fernández-Maldonado
Frank Go
Ina Klaasen
Ole B. Jensen
Eric Kabisch
Arjen Ligtvoet
Michiel de Lange
Eva Nieuwdorp
Martijn Oosterbaan
Rene Pare
Heli Rantavuo
Martin Rieser
Jeroen van Schaick
James Stewart
Taede Tillema
Ginette Verstraete