XML Architecture Research Urbanism | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

XML Architecture, Research and Urbanism XML is a contemporary cultural practice specialized in Architecture, Research and Urbanism. XML is interested in developing architectures that both reflect and evoke contemporary ways of life. By understanding program organization as a key strategy within each project XML aims for establishing new relations between buildings and society, the projects of the office are fuelled by a reflection on the contemporary city as source of cultural production.

From its base in Amsterdam XML has been involved in worldwide cross-disciplinary projects with an emphasis on cultural analysis. The office has won several prizes and is led by two partners, Max Cohen de Lara and David Mulder.

Presentation: Redefining Private Space

Traditionally cities are being framed through the opposition of urban center and rural periphery. Today for the first time in history more than half of the human population is living in cities and the prognosis is that, in the second half of this century, 75% of the world’s population will be urban. As a result, in the near future it is non-urban life that will be the exception and urbanity the norm. Consequently the great challenges of our time will be negotiated within the collective spaces of our cities. At the same time the unprecedented scale of today’s urban landscapes, and the rapid emergence of new technologies, forces to reinvent the traditional vocabulary of public and private space.

In its contribution to Adaptation, XML will be discussing experiments within the work of the office with the potential of internet to contribute to this reinvention process. How does the internet organize our offline social relations and vice versa? And how could this exchange affect and transform the city’s collective space(s)?


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