Stefan Höffken & Vincent Rebers | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

As an urban planner Stefan Höffken is striving to improve urban planning processes and communication. He is interested in the relationship between urban planning, design processes and technologies.

Currently Stefan is a researcher and lecturer at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern at the Department for Computer-aided Design and Planning Methods in Urban Planning and Architecture, working with GIS, CAD and webmapping tools. Furthermore he writes his Phd thesis about urban planning.

Furthermore he is at the executive committee of (Network for urban culture).

project description ‘new possibilities for urban design through smartphones’
The session focuses on the topic of how the mobile phone can be used to let people aid in the design process. An input presentation discusses the first step of new possibilities of mobile tools. It opens the discussion about the value of mobility as tools in urban design processes. What are the possibilities, technical conditions, challenges and barriers of mobile design?

Organizing team: Vincent Rebers and Stefan Höffken