Luis Hernández Galván | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

Luis Hernández Galván has a bachelor degree in Architecture and Engineering  from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura Mexico City. He is currently a Research Scholar in Communication and New Media at the National University of Singapore. With space as a main concern, his work ranges from cuasi- architectures to installation and/or videogame creation/ intervention. Artist in Residence at CRCA Center for Reserch in Computing and Arts at UCSD, Sala del Cielo [Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City] and the Wallhouse in Gronigen, Holland. His work has been exhibited at Festival International de Linguagem Electronic [FILE], Sao Paulo; Microwave International Media Festival, Hong Kong; the New Museum NYC, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; CCCB, Barcelona; 8th Salon de Arte Digital de La Habana, TransitioMX07; Seoul Net Festival, amongst others. He has participated in lectures and talks in Europe, the Americas and Asia and commissions include, InSite 05 and Centro Multimedia’s Grant for Art and Media, with Anne Marie Scheliner and others.

project description ‘Ungravity’

Through the use of geosemiotics delivered via mobile devices, this project aims to enrich urban culture by creating awareness of the real time processes that shape our understanding [and therefore interaction] within both the built environment, or the world of atoms; and the ethereal world of bytes through a sense of mixed reality which builds a new layer of experience, as stated in the  theoretical framework of this event, ‘will enable confrontation of different groups in public space and provide heterotopic interpretations of the city.’