Lu Leiping/Hipic | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

Hipic is a non-profit art project focusing on pictures. Conceiving of the Internet as a living body, Hipic takes as its animating force, collecting and displaying pictures uploaded by users. In this sense, each time a user sends us a picture Hipic’s life is extended for one minute.

In this digital age, the process of taking pictures has become an increasingly easy and accessible pursuit. Using new photographic technology, virtually anyone can photograph anything at any time without having to be concerned with wasting costly materials or dealing with complicated equipments. As most of the images captured today are produced by digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, and other easy to use digital visual equipments, producing pictures has become simple, casual, and cheap; in effect transforming photography into a practice resembling something like picture sketching in a diary, free and uninhibited.

project description ‘Hipic Screen’
Hipic would like to set up a special screen in the event. We especially created Hipic screens of various sizes, which combined with internet connection capabilities, allows these devices to automatically connect to Hipic’s main page, displaying numerous pictures from our internet platform. In this way Hipic penetrates into the energy of people’s daily lives by connecting public screens together allowing for Hipic images to be seen. And aside the screen, we hope that there is one or two computers to let people log in to to sent their pictures to Hipic. Based on the Internet and open to the public, Hipic is an open forum which is designed to allow everyone to view and participate easily and freely.