Li Zhenhua | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

Li Zhenhua is a writer, curator, producer and artist living in Beijing /Shanghai and Zurich. He is the founders of Laboratory Art Beijing ( and the Mustard Seed garden (, in 2010 he is working for the Shanghai eARTS Festival as chief planner .

He has joint widely about new media art symposiums, talks, presentations in leading galleries and museum spaces around the world, such as talk in ZKM Karlsruhe(2003), Walker Art Centre Minneapolis(curated the WAVE proejct), Guangzhou Museum (as artist of the Guangzhou Triennale 2005), Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008 (work as producer), Nanjing Triennial 2008 (work as curator).

One of his most recent art work is showing in the Beam me up exhibition in Basel, an online project dealing with time and perception of our daily life, with questioning on the ontology of human being.

He is an advisor for Leonardo Journal (2007) and was part of the Jury of the Transmediale Award 2010.

Presentation: Media Art Flow – Planning for Shanghai eArts 2010

For its upcoming 2010 edition the Shanghai eARts festival is reinvestigating the role of new media art in urban daily life. Several issues are of concern.

One is about the realization relationship between the contemporary culture and daily life; one is concerned with the understanding and interpretation of the dynamic, developing, fractured and cohesive spirit of the times; and the third dimension involves in the reflection on the established knowledge system and survival mode.

It is certain that these dimensions are covering and containing everything. Under those orientations, built by the curators and the artists, there are various practical relations, which will be put in Shanghai or other places around the world to testify the impetus or the catalyzed and lubricated effect of the culture.

Also, culture is the medicine to heal the fracture of modern life caused by city development. As one of these orientations, new media is also dong the work of healing the fracture between culture and other’s culture. What’s more, with the possibilities of its broad significance, new media will separately enhance the relationships between culture and other things like public, science and art.

In his talk Li Zhenhua will showcase a number of e-art projects that are related to these themes.