Isaac Mao | TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

Isaac Mao

Isaac Mao is a philosopher on Sharism, social entrepreneur, software architect and researcher in learning and technology. He divides his time between research, social works, business and technology. He is now director of Social Brain Foundation, advisory to Global Voices Online and board member to several web 2.0 and new media businesses.

Presentation: Sharing and harvesting: the way of creating a new city 2.0
We were living in a city with the big separation of physical world and information world. The gap led to many confusions and loss in daily life. New technologies, like roamable map, location based service, etc. are transferring our city into a dynamic information-tagging entity. But using technology is not the natural selection of city residents which left big challenges to digital natives. Sharism, a new philosophy and methodology, can help boost the use of new technologies on learning, playing, innovations and transactions, etc. With this new philosophy, we can foster the whole society to be part of the gainer of city life harvesting from information and social capital. City planners can also be redefined as the enabler to extend to urban future.