Our Services

What can we do for you?

The Mobile City is ready to assist cities, architecture, design and media offices, cultural institutions, NGO’s and others with:

  • Research and strategy into trends and best practices relevant for your business in the field of digital media, urban culture and design.
  • Project management of interdisciplinary projects in technology and urban design.
  • Curation and organization of conferences and exhibitions.
  • Giving lectures and (organizing) workshops, and moderating events.
  • Writing articles and editing, ranging from catalogues and yearbooks to magazines and edited volumes.

For architects, urban planners, housing cooperations, policy makers and project developers in particular, we also can:

  • Assist you with developing strategies for integrating digital media technologies in your work. This can involve the innovative uses of media technologies in the design process itself, integrating digital technologies in actual products and services, and developing strategic visions about changes in urban life at large as a result of new technologies.
  • Help to develop tools, workshops and events to ‘educate your clients’ and/or your colleagues. Urban design is a complex field that involves many parties, each with their own interests. Even while you may be convinced of the necessity of an integral design approach that includes new media, your client – or even your own organization – may not. We can assist you in providing sound arguments and inspiring best practices to integrate new media in the design process.
Our expertise

We are trained as academics and are specialized in urban theory and the social consequences of new media. We bring to the table over a decade of experience with trends in digital and mobile media and urban culture, a professional network that spans multiple disciplines, a wide range of research strategies and methods, and clear communication skills. Michiel de Lange and Martijn de Waal both hold a PhD in Philosophy.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at info@themobilecity.nl. See our Contact-page for more details.