Games for Cities – The Circular City Game Jam

How can city games staged in public spaces activate citizens around the theme of the circular economy? That was the central question explored in the Games for Cities training school and game jam…

Talk Show

Games for Cities – The Circularity Challenge Talk Show

What are the opportunities and complications of a match between city challenges and game designers? How can policy officers or ‘problem owners’ cooperate with game designers to put a specific issue, problem or…

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“Binnen de lijnen” – een publiek kunstproject over de publieke ruimte en publieke zaak in de Haagse Schilderswijk

Op een zonnige woensdag op 1 oktober 2014 verzamelt zich in de vroege middag een groeiend aantal kinderen en hun ouders en begeleiders op het Oranjeplein aan de rand van de Haagse Schilderswijk….


How games are playing us – Eric Gordon on civic gaming

Many governments have over the last few years taken an interest in the use of games and playful strategies for interacting with – or even ‘empowering’ – their citizens. “How can we use…


Athens Hackable Metropolis – workshop report

Invited by prof. Dimitris Charitos from the New Technologies Laboratory in Communication, Education and the Mass Media, Faculty of Communication and Mass Media, in the School of Economics and Political Sciences of the…


“Smart City is opportunity to change the ‘defaults’ in our society” Report Meeting of the Minds Amsterdam

Last December, more than 150 professionals came together in an event organised by the city of Amsterdam, Cisco and Meeting of the Minds to debate on the trends of smart city development. One…


Exhibition review. PolakvanBekkum’s GPS Art: from a documentary to an artistic medium

Last week I visited the exhibition Move Still Move at Rento Brattinga Galerie in Amsterdam, an intriguing exploration of gps technology as an artistic medium by the artist duoPolakvanBekkum.

Eva Xie presenting

Report workshop day2 “Made By Us: using smart technologies to repurpose industrial heritage”

Report workshop day 2 “Made By Us: using smart technologies to repurpose industrial heritage” Under the motto better late than never, the second part of the “Made By Us” Beijing Design Week workshop…

Cristina presenting

Smart City World Congress Report

Last week we joined the Smart City world congress in Barcelona, a three-day event bringing together representatives of city governments, technology companies and academia with a common interest in the ways Smart Cities…

Media interventions in the city: assembling new publics of strangers (guest post by Katía Truijen)

Occasionally we post contributions from guest authors. This one below is a section from the interesting MA thesis by Katía Truijen. Enjoy! === Media interventions in the city: assembling new publics of strangers Katía…

Dan Hill lecture

Smart cities vs smart citizens

PBL expert meeting on Smart Cities with Dan Hill Over the last few years the South Korean New Town of Songdo has emerged as the epitome of the ‘smart city’ of the future…

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Amsterdam Hackable Metropolis @HOT100 Workshop Report

Amsterdam Hackable Metropolis was invited to contribute to the 2013 Hot100 program, a workshop with the best alumni in the arts, media and technology, which took place on Friday the 27th of September…


Public Space & The Public Good / Social Cities of Today

Social Cities of Today is a research project that investigates the role new media platforms can play in the creation of ‘Urban Publics’, groups of citizens who are organized around a common theme, issue, resource, goal, interest or geographical location. Here’s a first project update.

Capital Steel Factory.

Report workshop day1 “Made By Us: using smart technologies to repurpose industrial heritage”

As part of the overarching project Made By Us, The New Institute and The Mobile City in collaboration with CMoDA have organized a two-day workshop during the Beijing Design Week. In this workshop…


Playing against vacancy: architects and game developers create games for urban change

About the project How can temporary playful interventions be used to engage people with the issue of vacancy? The Mobile City is a partner in the new project Rezone Playful Interventions. In this…


“The smart city you love to hate: Exploring the role of affect in hybrid urbanism” Hybrid City 2 conference abstract

Next week Martijn and I both attend the second Hybrid City conference “subtle rEvolutions” from 23 − 25 May in Athens, Greece. Hybrid City is an international biennial event dedicated to exploring the…