Call for Art / Participation: Impakt Online On Group Formations

Impakt Festival 2013: Capitalism Catch 22
Impakt Online: On Group Formations

Impakt Onlie Curators Sabine Niederer and Raymond Taudin Chabot are looking for artists who want to create or showcase work as part of the upcomming Impakt Festival related to the festivals’ theme Group Formation.

Where the early 2000s were often characterized as the ‘Age of Individualism’, today we see the return of the group. Or, more specifically, the return of group formation and network organization, as theorized by many scholars, such as anthropologist and philosopher of science Bruno Latour, sociologist and philosopher Noortje Marres, media theorist Ned Rossiter, and internet critic Geert Lovink. Rather than groups being structured around certain religions or political views, groups and networks dynamically organize and reorganize themselves around social issues, political actions and events, to fully disassemble and reassemble around tastes, fashion styles, crafts or cuisines. The artists in this edition regard these concerns from nearly contrary yet complementary angles, presenting social and theoretical approaches, absurd epistemologies and activist formats.

The exhibition consists of newly commissioned works of art and a selection of existing pieces. The networked nature of these projects means they exist both offline and online, culminating from collaborative practices.

Please send your proposals (max 1 A4 including short bio) and suggestions to the curators Sabine Niederer ( and Raymond Taudin Chabot ( by August 25th.

Martijn de Waal

Martijn de Waal (1972) is a writer, researcher and strategist, working in the field of digital media and (urban) culture. He is currently a senior researcher at the Play & Civic Media group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

He has worked with and for various clients and organizations such as The Netherlands Architecture Institute, Open Society Foundation, The Architectural League of New York, Lift@Home, Kitchen Budapest, The Mondriaan Foundation and Dutch Public Broadcasting.

Formerly he was part of the New Media, Public Sphere and Urban Culture research group at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen, and connected to the department of mediastudies at the University of Amsterdam. In 2009 he was a visiting scholar at MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media.

His most recent book are The City as Interface. How Digital Media Are Changing the City (NAi010 Publishers, 2014) and De Platformsamenleving (The Platform Society), co-authored with Jose van Dijck en Thomas Poell (Amsterdam University Press, 2016)