EVENT: Jam Session: Decentralized Power System, 4 June 2012, Eindhoven

Outcomes of the Science Hack Day will be incorporated in this two-day Jam Session (be quick, limited seats):

Jam Session: Decentralized Power System

Eindhoven High Tech Campus

Eindhoven High Tech Campus, Eindhoven (map)


Sensemakers is an open community of technologists in NYC and Amsterdam working on urban social problems (for example, a democratized air quality sensor network which raised $150K on Kickstarter which will deploy over 1200 sensors worldwide).

A Sensemakers Jam Session is an intense, collaborative, focused design session which brings together experts and practitioners from all types of backgrounds.

The framework for this session:

WE BELIEVE: A post-modern, healthy energy infrastructure will not be built around a few centralized power sources, but instead as a completely decentralized system spread across the entire urban landscape.

WE BELIEVE: People will no longer be disconnected, ignorant consumers, but become directly involved as energy producers, independent and far more aware and knowledgeable about where their energy comes from and where it goes.

WE BELIEVE: They will be independent and empowered. They will be able to share production with their neighbors directly, greatly increasing the efficiency and reliability of the system as a whole.

And on the 7th day, there was rest. yada yada

In this vision of a decentralized power system, HOW WILL PEOPLE SHARE ENERGY THEY PRODUCE WITH THEIR NEIGHBORS? What will be the mechanism?

We aim to incorporate work generated during the Eindhoven Science Hack Day and will present the outcome during theInternational IoT Event.

The event will run for 2 days (June 4-5). Attendance is limited and we want to gather a group of committed, invested participants for a productive and interesting session. It will be held at theEindhoven High Tech CampusFood and drinks will be provided throughout both days.

Google group for the discussion of this project is here.

Program (still a draft):

Monday June 4th – Day 1

10.00      Doors open/coffee/intros
10.30    Ed Borden, Sensemakers and the energy challenge
10.45    Estefanie Duque, Harvesting Kinetic energy from everyday routines, DIY-style (+ 5 min idea posting)
11.15    Dan Selden, Home wind energy harvesting (+ 5 min idea posting)
11.45    Hirumi Nanayakkara, Bio-harvesting energy from bacteria and algae in soil and compost in urban environments (+ 5 min idea posting)
12.15    Breaking down (technical, user, network)
13.00    Lunch
13.30    Ideas (lots of them, individual or teams)
14.00    Rumble (all ideas out in the open – people team up around the ones they love)
15.00    Teams make a case (product, plan, market)

16.30    First Day Findings/Drinks

17.00 DINNER!
Tuesday June 5th – Day 2

9.30      Doors open
10.00    Instructions (deliver presentation for IOTEvent)
10.15    A fresh look at yesterday’s work
10.30    Tell the story (make a draft presentation – video, storyboard, or keynote)
11.30    Stepping stones & hurdles (identify
12.00    Research & sketches
12.30    Lunch
13.00    Product, business plan& tech.
14.30    Bring things together.
15.30    Pitches, you b***s!
16.30     Drinks


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