EVENT: Internet of Things event, 6 June 2012, Eindhoven

A third interesting and related event happening in Eindhoven beginning of June:

This international event will merge business (where is the money) and technology, and will focus on two Internet of Things cases: The individual and The Home.

The event contains four linked activities:

  • The seminar will tackle social, technical, cultural and design challenges, discuss innovative solutions, show new business opportunities and will give an outlook into the future of Internet of Things for The individual and The Home.
  • The Science Hack Day / Hackathon 1/2 june. Results will be presented during the seminar
  • Jam Session: Decentralized Power System, 4/5 june. Results will be presented during the seminar
  • The exhibition will show Internet of Things products and services in its current and future formats

Internet of Things is still very much a technology driven activity applied by hard- and software developers, whereby competing technologies offer different solutions with unclear business cases. Besides that different industries who don’t know each other traditionally, need to work together in order to create new succesful IoT value chains.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • What are actual business cases for IoT in Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Utilities and how will this impact business in the future
  • What is the current status of IoT technologies (f.i. ZigBee, zWave, DECT ULE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, KNX etc.), how do they compete and are they complementary.
  • Who takes the lead in the value chain of IoT
  • What are legal, social and IP consequenses of IoT (will Big Brother watch us in the future?)

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