Conference: Revolution im Zwischenraum, 23-25 March 2012, Tutzing Germany

Another interesting event happening end of this month in Germany:

Revolution, participation & discourse between digital and urban public spaces

A conference from die urbanauten and the Ev. Akademie Tutzing

Date: 23. – 25.3.2012
Place: Ev. Akademie Tutzing near Munich

It is impossible to think about the future of the city, urban society and public space without considering that urban and digital spaces are interfering with each other more and more. A new space is developing, which we would like to call the “public space inbetween”. It is not only the people that try to claim this new space “bottom up”. There are also “top down” strategies from municipal or city governments and “iniside out” initiatives from large companies.

How does the “Internet in your pocket” and social media change political, cultural and economic power structures in the city? What role do specific public spaces in our cities play? How can participation and social commitment be developed and improved upon through digital media? What impact might this have on the discourse surrounding the development of urban society? Is there a “global, digital-urban civil society” and a newly rediscovered, political, public space arising?

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Closing date: 16. March 2012

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