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The last few months Michiel and I have spent most of our time on the organization of our The Mobile City Event 2010: ‘Designing the Hybrid City‘ – an expert meeting we organized in the context of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai together with Virtueel Platform. We are currently working on the proceedings of this event.

In the meanwhile, here is an overview of our best read articles since we started our research project in 2007:

  1. review: Kevin Lynch – The Image of the City (book review)
  2. Picnic 09 Report 2: The City as an Interaction Platform (conference report)
  3. Towards a Myspace urbanism? (The Mobile City Essay)
  4. Interview with Mark Shepard: ‘critical design’, architecture, urbanism and location based media (interview)
  5. Storytelling with Locative Media: Michael Epstein’s take on ‘terratives’ (conference report)
  6. Semantic Wayfinding, mental maps and the keyhole problem of GPS-navigation (lecture report)
  7. Digital Cities 6: urban media / urban informatics and different notions of public space (conference report)
  8. Urban Play: designing the urban landscape (exhibition review)
  9. Augmented reality on the mobile: MoMo Amsterdam #11 (lecture report)
  10. Scott McQuire’s The Media City (bookreview)
  11. Review: “Portable Objects in Three Global Cities” by Mimi Ito et al. (book review)
  12. review: Stephen Graham – The Cybercities Reader (2004) (book review)
  13. Augmented Reality: its promises and shortcomings for architects (lecture report)
  14. Design Approaches for the 21st Century City (The Mobile City Essay)
  15. ISEA 2008: Visualizing the Real Time City (Conference Report)

And in addition some personal favourites that didn’t make it into this list:


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  1. “The coming months Michiel and I will mostly be spending our time on the organization of our The Mobile City Event 2010: ‘Designing the Hybrid City'”

    And finishing both our PhD dissertations of course! 🙂
    Thanks for compiling this overview Martijn.

  2. Currently I am already reading ‘The image of the city’ which was on my to read list for a long time. Thanks for the other references.

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Martijn de Waal

Martijn de Waal (1972) is a writer, researcher and strategist, working in the field of digital media and (urban) culture. He is currently a senior researcher at the Play & Civic Media group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

He has worked with and for various clients and organizations such as The Netherlands Architecture Institute, Open Society Foundation, The Architectural League of New York, Lift@Home, Kitchen Budapest, The Mondriaan Foundation and Dutch Public Broadcasting.

Formerly he was part of the New Media, Public Sphere and Urban Culture research group at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen, and connected to the department of mediastudies at the University of Amsterdam. In 2009 he was a visiting scholar at MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media.

His most recent book are The City as Interface. How Digital Media Are Changing the City (NAi010 Publishers, 2014) and De Platformsamenleving (The Platform Society), co-authored with Jose van Dijck en Thomas Poell (Amsterdam University Press, 2016)