Exhibition: e-MobiLArt project @ Thessaloniki Biennale, May 24-September 27 2009 Thessaloniki Greece

Group exhibition of the e-MobiLArt project in Thessaloniki

11 interactive installation artworks are going to be exhibited as the result of the collaboration amongst the 33 artists participating in the “e-MobiLArt” (European Mobile Lab for interactive media Artists) project. The group exhibition is taking place during 20 May – 10 June in the context of the project’s scheduled activities. The exhibition is organized by the State Museum of Contemporary Art and is taking place as a parallel event of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale.

The e-MobiLArt process and its artistic results, which are presented in the exhibition, are the subject of a two-day symposium that is organized on May 21st-22nd in the Seminars venue in Warehouse C, Thessaloniki port. During the symposium a short presentation of the project and its activities will take place and the artists’ groups will talk about their collaborative experience and will present their exhibited artworks. This will be followed by two panel discussions on the curatorial, the artistic and the organizational perspectives into the collaborative process. Invited lecturers of the symposium are Roger Malina (astrophysicist and executive editor of Leonardo, the most important journal on Art, Science and Technology published by MIT Press), Claudine Dussolier (director of the cultural organisation ZINC, Marseille), Ekmel Ertan (artistic director of the international festival AMBER, Instanbul) and the creative team NeMe (Cyprus).

During the exhibition in the exterior area of Warehouse B1, in Thessaloniki port, the following events will take place:

* the performance titled “Miasma: A Vienna Underground / Third Woman Performance”, of Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with local performers and artists B. Rostho ??? C. Harmey, the night of the exhibition opening 20/5/2009
* the collaborative mobile game entitled “The Third Woman


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