PhD position @LSE (London) “Mobility and ubiquitous computing”

This open PhD position may be of interest to some of our readers:

Mobility and ubiquitous computing
The mobility@lse research unit (, led by Dr Carsten Sorensen (, has since 2001 studied organisational and societal implications of mobile and ubiquitous information technology. The research has over the years built up a large body of research and empirical studies covering a range of issues spanning innovative organisational practices with mobile and ubiquitous technology, to studies of innovation networks in the mobile sector. A current interest is in particular understanding mobile services. So far 9 doctoral students associated with the unit have successfully completed their doctoral studies. The unit will from January 2008 be engaged in two projects co-founded by EPSRC and Mobile VCE ( on flexible mobile networks and future user interaction. We are generally open to any applications within the domain of social and organisational aspects of mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous computing.

Each scholarship includes an allowance for training / conferences, tuition fees and a tax-free stipend of around £12,000 per annum, subject to satisfactory progress.

For further information about the studentships, please contact Francis White (fwhite {AT}lse (DOT)ac[DOT]uk) in the first instance. Information on the application procedure is available at:

The initial deadline for applications is 1 May 2009, though we will remain interested in discussing possible applications beyond that date.


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