Radiator Festival 2009 Exploits in the Wireless City

From 13 to 24 January The Radiator Festival takes place in Nottingham, UK. There is – amongst others – an exhibition, an a Symposium (15-16 January) with an interesting line up of speakers: Saskia Sassen, Richard Barbrook, Jodi, Charlie Gere and others.

As part of the 4th Radiator festival, the Radiator Symposium, “Exploits in the Wireless City”, aims to instigate discussion, debate and new interdisciplinary research networks based on the understanding that the development of digital networks are transforming our notion of (public and private) space. … What is left in a space between the surveillance cameras? How do we build a place we’ve never been to? How do we remember the thriving community that lies beneath the tarmac? How do we keep an eye on those that would keep an eye on us?


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